In this episode, I interview my friend Raphaela Browne, who helps high-performing corporate women manage overwhelm and anxiety in their lives.

She’s been doing this work for the past six years but has been a coach pretty much her entire life. During this episode, we talk about the struggles women have in their corporate careers, how it shows up for them, and some of the solutions she recommends.

What You’ll Learn on This Episode:
  • Why it’s important to get to the core of your values.
  • The importance of building your village.
  • Why you need to create space in your day for yourself.
  • Why grace is the ONE thing you need to extend to yourself every day.
Listen to the Episode:

Episode 8: Managing Overwhelm In Your Corporate Life

On this episode of The Dream + Thrive Podcast, I sit down and have a great conversation with my friend Raphaela Browne who’s a Catalyst Coach for women in leadership (CEOs, Executives, Founders, Directors, etc) who are feeling overwhelmed and “stretched thin”.

“You have permission to create a life that allows for the full totality of who you are.”

– Raphaela Browne

Mentioned on the Show:

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To find a good Therapist to do some deeper work: Psychology Today

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