Web Design Packages

You’re in a time of your life where you have something to share.

Not just your ideas, but your expertise. To do that and to be taken seriously, you know you need a website that works for you, that does the heavy lifting even when you’re not available. In this era of Web 2.0 a professional and high-converting website requires a high level of skill to build, which can be overwhelming for most business owners. Branding, copy, marketing, design, and development — all elements you need for an effective online presence.

Sure, you can definitely DIY it, but that requires time and expertise, two things that are often in short supply for most business owners. I know the struggle and I want to help.

I’m committed, along with the help of my team, to helping you create a website that helps you grow AND scale your business.

We specialize in building beautiful and high-converting WordPress websites for our clients.

When you purchase one of our packages you get a beautiful-looking online presence, that is Done-For-You. It has the branding, marketing, and support you need. We know that one size does not fit all so we’ve created three packages for various stages of business. Give us the details and we’ll create exactly what you need.

Our  Package Offerings

Please Note: We have a limited number of slots for each package, each month, to ensure we can deliver excellence for each client.

Tier I


This is the ideal package for the business owner who’s just getting started and needs to establish themselves with a great online presence but doesn’t have a lot of resources.

Typical turnaround: 10 days

5-Page Website
2-Rounds of Edits
Discovery Call
Basic Hosting Included + Basic Maintenance
SEO + Lead Capture Plug-Ins Installed
Copy layout for accessibility
Brand review
Google My Business Setup

Tier II

The Boss

Perfect for the growing business owner who wants a more elevated digital presence with backend support and maintenance plus marketing to get in front of the right clients.

Typical turnaround: 30 days

$4,999/2 or 3-payments
6-8 Page Website
2-Rounds of Edits
Basic Hosting + Maintenance
SEO + Lead Capture Plug-Ins Installed
Copyediting + layout for accessibility Included
Brand review + refresh
Discovery + Check-In
Google My Business Setup
Lead Generation

Tier III

The ScaleUp

Your business is thriving and you've got a steady stream of clients. You want to create a custom digital experience, implement a solid marketing strategy, and get the support you need for your growth.

Typical turnaround: 60-90 days

9-12 Page Website
3-Rounds of Edits
Advanced Hosting + Maintenance
SEO, Lead Capture, and Forms Plug-Ins Installed
Copywriting Included
Brand Strategy
Discovery + 3 Check-Ins w/Franka
Google My Business Setup
Lead Generation
Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

Some Add-Ons


  • Logo Refresh/Redesign
  • Brand Package (new logo, color palette, font selection)



  • Search Engine Marketing Monthly Plan (3-month commitment)
  • Social Media Design (includes strategy and monthly check-ins)


Let’s Take a Closer Look at What’s Included…

We provide all the elements for you to have a high-converting and optimized website.

Brand or Brand Strategy

We help you connect with your ideal customers by helping you craft a clear positioning statement that clearly identifies who you are, who you serve, and what you have to offer. 

Design & Development

Based on your goals and target customer we choose the best design for your website. We provide a moodboard with your brand colors before building it out to your specifications. 

Marketing Support

We make sure that people know about you and how to engage with you for products or services. We make sure to submit your website for indexing on Google and create whatever marketing solution you request.

Keyword Research

We employ best practices for search engine optimization because we understand what it takes to make a website look great not only for your customers but for the search engines as well.

Web Hosting Setup

We make sure that your website is hosted on one of the best WordPress hosts in the industry. We will not only host your site but also make sure that it is maintained so you have great uptime performance.

So, How Does It Work?

Once you choose your package the work begins.
Here’s our process:

Review your onboarding questionnaire to ensure we have information about your brand so we can begin your project. 

Set up your project on our server, install all the required plugins, complete keyword research, organize your copy, and complete your moodboard.

Begin building out all of the pages of your project adhering to your branding and business goals.

Get feedback, complete a final review, and make any final edits to the project. Paying attention to performance, accessibility, and conversion.

Launch! (This includes helping you draft your announcement emails and social media posts, as well as submitting your site for indexing).

Implement your marketing solution, whether that’s  running ads or setting up your “Google My Business”, or creating your social media marketing or SEM.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions women have about this program.

Who is ideally suited to take advantage of these packages?

We love working with any type of service-based small business owner, whether you have a local storefront, are a hair stylist, have a landscape business or are launching a startup. We have a lot of experience working with small business owners who need to sell both a product and service. If you want done-for-you services and are looking to build a relationship with a company that can provide you with ongoing services as you grow your business. 

I'm not a copywriter, can you help me with my website copy?

Yes, we understand that good copy is essential for every project. We’ll help you create your sitemap, develop a content plan and write or edit the copy for your website pages. Every package includes layout for good UX but if you need to write your copy before you start your project you can purchase the add-on here. 

I need other services than what I see here, can you still help me?

We’re focused on including the most important features and functions to get you up and running but if you need additional support please let us know when during your consultation. We’re experts at designing any marketing pieces you may need from templates for social media to press kits and capability statements. If it is something not included in our packages you can include it as an Add-On Service.

Can't I learn all of this on my own?

Sure you can. You are a smart woman. You can Google and YouTube and figure out all the systems on your own but it’s going to take you hours of researching, testing, and implementing to figure out the best systems. We’ve already done this research and spent years working with other clients to develop the best systems and methods. Plus we’re experienced designers and developers at the top of our game, we put all of our experience to work for you creating something unique and special just for you.

Can I remove elements that I don't need?

We put together this package based on her many years of experience working with hundreds of clients. These are the minimum elements you’re going to need to create a brand that allows you to stand out and grow in this very noisy and distracted digital landscape. During your consultation, you can be specific about which elements you feel you don’t need and we can determine if it aligns with the brand you wish to create.

How long will my project take to launch?

Depending on which package you select the launch time varies:

  • The SideHustler: 10 days
  • The Boss: 30 days
  • The ScaleUp: 60 – 90 days

We’ll be guiding you through the process by asking questions to elicit the information we need to support you. 

I'm busy at work all day I only have time after I get off work, can you still help me?

Once you complete the initial consultation, we will create a customer portal for you where all project communication will take place. As soon as we get the information we need from you we can execute on most of the deliverables without daily input. We will provide check-ins and request feedback using your customer portal.

What Clients Have to Say…

Franka is absolutely phenomenal at what she does. Franka spent time getting to know me, my business, my goals, and my target audience. She forced me to think creatively on how to take my business to the next level and increase my client base and revenue. She was consistent, dedicated, and executed flawlessly. Her level of commitment and excellence allowed for the development of the perfect brand for my business. Because she works very timely, my requested services were ready for approval and bought to fruition within a very short period of time.

Rosalind Moore, President
Perfect Touch Promotions
Missouri City, TX

Franka Baly is a maven for website development and so much more! Not only does she have the technical expertise to create and develop websites based on your needs and wants, she, more importantly, helps you to figure out your website tone, vision, and overall brand to match where you want your business to go and to serve your values and mission. Before Franka, I was just a professional with a dream to help serve people, but had no way to promote myself or reach an audience. After working with Franka to create my website, I have a website that I’m not only proud of, but it also helps me to be clear with my target audience about what I do, who I am, and how I serve. Beyond her work cred, she is a gem as a person — funny, passionate, patient, supportive, creative, and generous. Franka is so much more than just a website developer — she is a visionary who helps people to make their dreams come true! I cannot thank her enough for all that she has done for me and for my beautiful website!”

Dominique Ruggieri, Founder
Bonvie Health and Nutrition Consulting
Philadelphia, PA


Franka is not your ordinary web designer.  She combines her humanistic coaching skills with her technology savvy and creates something uniquely designed for each individual client.  She helped me build my brand, logo, and website, by understanding who I am as a human being, and understanding the mission and goal of my company. She was able to not only create my website, but created an experience for everyone who visits my website…visitors feel my commitment, my purpose, my joy, and even my challenges. 

Alicia Booker, MA CPEC
Getting Off the Porch
Atlanta, GA

I came to hire Franka after seeing her work over the last 10+ years. She revamped a salon that I worked in that was great but she made it wonderful. I hired Franka to do the same for my salon and I had several goals: 1. Attract new clients 2. Change the decor of the salon all according to state regulations and to reflect my new brand.  3. Set up marketing to attract new business and get new leads for me to expand beyond the chair  4. Put together a slamming website with a store showcasing salon attire 5. Creating cohesive branding between my social media and website. 6. Become more knowledgeable about my “Why”. Omg, there’s so much that I would be here all day trying to tell you everything. My experience with Franka has been awesome. She’s very kind, but she’s about business. When she gives you a task, please be on it, it’s only to help you get things done. Her work ethic is strong and consistent. She’s smart, hard-working, and beautiful inside and out. She’s a phenomenal businesswoman with integrity and character.

Markena Tillman, Owner
Opulent BeYouty Salon
Houston, TX

Franka explained to me the best way to organize my website for customers to easily follow. She helped me create content so it speaks to my ideal customer. Each step of the way Franka guided me and asked questions to help me think through how to better connect with my potential customer. She was so, pleasant, professional, and helpful throughout this experience. She’s absolutely knowledgeable and truly guides you step-by-step through the process to gain a better understanding of how to create a great website.

Raphaela Browne, MA CPEC
R. Browne Coaching + Consulting, LLC
Philadelphia, PA

Franka didn’t simply create digital products. She brought my brand story to life digitally via my website, email funnel templates, and digital course. These products not only tell my story but they also help generate income in my business.

Miara Shaw, CEO
‘Maven’ Miara Shaw
Houston, TX

A message from

Franka Baly, CXO 

Building a website may seem like a straightforward task, but in reality, it has become a complex endeavor. Back when I started building websites, more than 20 years ago, they were much simpler – not burdened with the multitude of functions and features they demand today. Not only were there fewer people online, there weren’t so many distractions vying for the eyeballs of your target customers. Add to this the frantic pace of life today, and business owners need to leverage technology just to stay sane. 

Having navigated this evolving digital landscape, I’ve come to recognize that success in business hinges on systems and automation, whether you plan to scale or not. Plus, if you’re anything like me, you want your work to showcase your ideas with a level of professionalism and excellence that helps you stand out from the crowd. 

That’s precisely why I’ve created these packages for you—more than just providing a website that fills you with pride, they offer the support you need to bring attention and visibility to your online presence. I understand from firsthand experience that the real work begins once your site is live. I’m excited to embark on this journey with you, helping you create something that is uniquely yours—a digital masterpiece that captures your vision and propels you toward remarkable achievements.


Still Need Something Custom?

If none of our packages fits your needs we can put together something custom for you.

We're focused on helping women over 40 create thought-leadership brands aligned with their purpose and brilliance.

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