Create a strategy around your ideal customers.

It's where all great brands begin. Period.

There are talented graphic artists, good interface designers, insightful branding specialists, savvy business owners and then there’s Franka! She’s all this rolled into one and she puts it all to work for you!

How I can help you

Helping you build an amazing brand

Disruptive Branding
Create a disruptive personal brand

Do you want to disrupt your industry? Make sure you have the right components in your arsenal to make the impact you crave.

User Experience Research & Design
Make sure you're solving the right problems

Want to learn how to create memorable online experiences? Get to know your customers. What problem do they want you to solve & how are you going to solve it?

Work with me one-on-one

Need support to develop a cohesive brand? I’ll help you craft your message, tell your story, and create a strategy so you attract your ideal customers.

When great minds come together

Magic happens

Franka has that rare quality of being able to both listen intently to what your needs are and to guide you through complicated technical jargon so you arrive at the same place in creating and developing your online strategy, brand, platform, website – ultimately your presence.

Blair Turner, The Blatie Group

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