Need help creating a clear brand around your experience and expertise?

During our VIP Brand Strategy Session, I’ll help you hone in on your zone of genius so you can build a solid brand around what YOU are uniquely equipped to do.

This allows you to carve out your niche so you can start attracting the people who are seeking your expertise and knowledge.


Go From This…

  • Unclear positioning / messaging statement.
  • Not sure who your ideal customers are.
  • Not knowing how to niche down your expertise.
  • Not knowing how to clearly tell your brand story in a way that connects.
  • You have so many interests and ideas that you’re not sure what you should be creating content about.
  • Not sure where to focus your marketing for maximum impact.

To This…

  • Crafting your positioning / messaging statement that aligns with who you are.
  • Clarity on who you should be serving.
  • Being clear on what your niche is
  • Crafting your brand story, the parts that are likely to resonate with your ideal customers.
  • Having a clear and focused content strategy.
  • Knowing what tools to use to manage your brand.

Who Is This For?

I’ve been doing this for a while now and I know I work best with women who have at least 5+ years of proven expertise in a specific area or proven industry expertise.

Or someone who identifies with any of the following statements…

You’ve been working for someone else for a while now and you’re struggling to articulate what you know in a way that resonates with the people seeking your services.

You’re struggling with “putting yourself out there” because you’re not clear on what you should be talking about.

You’re not marketing yourself (hiding) because you feel you’re experience is irrelevant or your methods are too old/outdated.

You’re having trouble attracting clients or hitting your goals despite posting on social media.

You keep signing up for training after training but still don’t feel like you know enough.

You Don’t Have to Go It Alone.

I know from personal experience how hard it is to transition from corporate work to running your own business. I’ve built a brand, a list, a marketing funnel, a team, and systems to keep my business growing over these past 8 years (amid a pandemic, no less). I’ve also taken lots of training from different “experts” and made a lot of mistakes along the way. But there’s one thing that never failed me, my expertise — what I know to do really well. For me, it’s my ability to execute on a client’s ideas through my branding and design work.

Whether you’re a consultant, coach, executive, author, or simply want to build thought leadership, I’ll help you lean into your expertise. During our sessions together I’ll help you…

Create your customized brand strategy

Gain clarity to confidently convey who you are

Create your positioning and messaging 

Create your content strategy so you know what to create

Identify the technology tools you need to manage it all

You’re going to leave your session with a clear 30-day strategy plan to execute. You’ll also get accountability and support via your private portal to keep you on track or answer any questions you may have along the way. 

We're focused on helping women over 40 create thought-leadership brands aligned with their purpose and brilliance.

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