Site Credits

The creative genius behind my website creation was a collaborative team effort.


The copy on my site was brought to life by yours truly, drawing inspiration from my evolving journey, where I am in life, and how I want to show up to serve my clients.

My photographs were brought to you courtesy of Julia Falconi. Julia scheduled a wonderful shoot where I felt seen. The essence of my brand shined through in every photo she took.  My make-up was professionally done in the skilled hands of Dawn Aisha who crafted a look that brought out my best features.

My entire team helped me bring the site to life and I want to thank each of them:

  • Narinder for always bringing all of my ideas to life when it comes to form and function. I could not have birthed this without you.
  • Dami for QAing everything! But also copyediting and especially for making our Quiz a reality.
  • Brittany for helping me with copy and content and for being someone I could bounce ideas off of.
  • Kultar for iconography and his mastery of design elements. Having you on my team has made me a better designer.
  • Frederic for being supportive and encouraging to get my message out into the world.
  • Chad for his brilliance and for being a wonderful collaborative partner and for seeing the vision of what I could contribute to the world. Thank you for your constant encouragement.

Obviously, this was a collaborative labor of love and I hope you enjoy looking around. It will continue to evolve.

Thanks for visiting!

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