Love Never Dies

12 Lessons I Learned About Living After Becoming a Widow

Journey with Franka as she navigates profound loss and grief. She shares authentically about her experience and in the process helps you to process your own sense of grief and loss through her 12 powerful lessons.

“Grief and loss are inescapable parts of life. How you navigate them will impact the amount of joy you experience in your life.”

– Franka Baly

Over the past few years, we’ve all experienced unimaginable collective grief. It started with the Pandemic when more than a million souls died in our country and has continued as we’ve experienced a shift in how we connect and support one another. Whether you’ve experienced a relationship loss, like me, a job loss, or the loss of your optimism or hope, it is more imperative than ever that we learn how to process our grief.

How the book with benefit you:

If you’re a widow or women who has lost a partner it will encourage you on your own grief journey.

If you’re someone who has experienced a loss it will provide you with strategies to navigate the journey.

It will give you a tool to help you process your emotions as you navigate the grief process.

It will comfort you won’t feel so alone as you navigate the emotions that come with grieving.

Grief is a journey. No one will navigate it the same. Having the right tools to support you on your journey will make the process more tolerable.

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A message from

Franka Baly, M.A., CPEC

Franka Baly is a Brand Strategist and Digital Strategist who has worked with hundreds of people across many different industries, helping them to create brands for more than 25 years. It has given her a unique perspective on what it means to support other women as they navigate different seasons in their lives.

Her life was suddenly impacted by the profound loss of her husband Raphael 15 years ago. Left to carve out a life for herself and her twin sons, she faced it with courage, grace, and gratitude. She emerged from this experience with many lessons. Lessons she transformed into the words that fill the pages of Love Never Dies.

Franka hopes her story and the strategies in her book will help women (and men) as they navigate the difficult journey of grief and loss. She wants them to know that on the other side of this difficult journey is a life filled with promise and hope.

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