Unleash Your Brilliance: A Blueprint for Building a Powerful Personal Brand in 2024
Franka Baly
February 27, 2024

Are you in awe of people who whenever they get a chance to speak exude confidence, clarity, and passion?

I am. I’ve studied them. These people can project these things because they’re clear on who they are and what they stand for / believe. They know what their personal brand is.

It’s so much easier to put your brilliance into the world or to withstand any trolls when you strongly believe in what you’re sharing online or in the world. Now, more than ever, it’s imperative that good, talented, smart, and brave people NOT remain silent while the negative people, untalented (my word), and Internet bullies yell the loudest.

This year I want you to build a personal brand that helps you; attract your tribe (the people who need you), makes a difference in your life (and the lives of others), and also brings you more financial freedom / wealth. These three things have a way of also bringing you more joy.

Everyone has a personal brand (it’s what people say about you when you’re not in the room). I just want you to be intentional about controlling the narrative around you and who you are. So make 2024 the year this happens for you.

When building a personal brand, here are 5 steps that I want you to follow:

1. Be clear about your cause or the ONE thing that you want to see changed in the world.

You can talk about it incessantly with passion and conviction. Ex. I love talking about diversity in Tech for UX designers because I am one. 

2. What is the solution or approach you have for dealing with that issue?

Why is your solution or idea innovative or disruptive? Ex. I believe mentorship and exposure to UX is one of the ways I can impact the next generation of diverse designers in Tech because so few companies are black-owned or female-led, doing this work. I’m a catalyst for change.

3. What proof or results do you have to prove that your solution/approach to your cause works?

You can have proof in your own life or in the lives of the people you’ve helped with it. Ex. I’ve been mentoring diverse designers over the past 3 years in my company FBUX and I’ve seen their knowledge, passion, skill, and confidence improve by leaps and bounds. (Get the testimonials to prove what you’re saying).

4. Write one clear statement about it called your positioning statement.

Ex. Franka Baly is committed to diversifying Tech spaces for the next generation of UX designers by mentoring and exposing them to her 30 years of learning in the industry.

5. Go talk about it everywhere so you can amplify your message.

The more you speak about it, the more people will come to associate you with your cause/message and you’ll build a personal brand around this cause/idea! Your Ted Talk, speeches, posts, articles in publications, on podcasts. If no one is talking about it, you go build the platforms for these conversations. Over time, people will gravitate to you as your idea resonates (your tribe will find you).

Building a brand around an idea takes time, but it happens faster than you think these days – especially with social media. Be consistent and brave. Don’t let anything or anyone deter you from this or get you off course.

There will always be Internet trolls and negativity in the world, but you deserve to be seen and heard. I for one am so excited for what this year will bring for all of us. I’m waiting expectantly for how all the good people I know will impact our world.


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