Do you want to create an impact?

Want to be a thought leader?

Do you want to stand out?

Be invited to give a TED talk?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then you’re ready to become a disruptor. What’s a disruptor you ask?

  • You must have ideas that are innovative, that make people think, ideas that shake things up.
  • You must be bold and vulnerable about sharing those ideas.
  • You are very passionate about this work like its part of your DNA.
  • It must be a “lived” experience, not something you saw on social media.

You are ready to disrupt!

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Disruptive Branding.

I love working with businesses of all sizes in the development of their brands. But I do my best work when I can engage in a re-branding projects. I’ve successfully worked with start-ups, mid-sized businesses and large corporate entities on their rebranding. The goal is to create a cohesive story across the entire brand. From your logo to the messaging, website and social media presence to digital products, it’s important to carry the consistent message and story across the brand.

I also love working with entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups on helping them to create their brand story and helping them to hone in on that disruptive idea that can get them seen in their industry or niche.

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User Experience (UX) Design.

I work with corporations and non-profits to more effectively connect with their customers. I am both a researcher and designer with a great eye for detail. I’ll help you gain clarity so we can bring together all the elements for an impactful user experience so you can save time and money in the development of your products. I utilize Agile methodologies, Lean UX and best practices to all of my projects.

If you need someone to help you execute a project from ideation to launch then contact me today and let’s see how we can work together.

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Some people just learn better face-to-face. I know I do. Maybe it’s because all the senses are engaged. That’s why I love hosting or customizing workshops for organizations and groups to help teach them how to create a disruptive brand.  I help you craft your story, messaging and help you bring together the elements in a cohesive way to attract your ideal customers.

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