It’s No Surprise You’re Here — Unless This Is a Happy Accident.

I believe in fate, kismet, destiny…

These are some of the reasons you landed here.

Sounds really lovely doesn’t it?

The truth is probably less romantic. You’re likely here because you were referred to me to help you create a brand or website platform aligned with your brilliance. And chances are high that you’re a woman over 40. Let me show you some of the ways we can work together.

Brand Coaching

There’s no thought leadership or website without first having a clear brand strategy. My approach is to make sure you have clarity about your brand before diving into designing the elements. I’ll help you look inward to ensure we understand your business from the inside out. After working together you’ll hone in on the following elements:

– your positioning / messaging statement
– your core values
– your why
– your signature offer / framework


Our goal is to make sure you have what you need to grow your brand’s presence online. We know from serving hundreds of clients that building online authority is easier when you have consistent and cohesive pieces to promote your brand. So each of our packages includes:

– An examination of your visual brand
– Marketing components for lead generation and promotion
– Support for continued maintenance post-launch 


There was a time when I was content to stay in my office glued to my laptop creating designs for my clients with abandon. Over the years as I’ve became more confident in my craft, I’ve leaned into connecting with other amazing women on a regular basis. These days I host workshops, put together signature talks, appear on podcasts, or stand on stages where I can lean into my expertise as a GenX woman in Tech who came of age in the era of Web 1.0. I’ve continued to grow and evolve and have so much to share with women of any generation, but especially women in midlife.


We're focused on helping women over 40 create thought-leadership brands aligned with their purpose and brilliance.

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