A passionate, diverse, and badass group fitness company that provides nutrition, accountability, and community for the entire family.

BMF Fitness is a group fitness company focused on providing nutrition, accountability, and community for women between the ages of 37 and 52. Their approach is to help a woman look at her life and then design a plan that incorporates healthier habits into how she lives. This is not about depravation or external transformations but about helping women to feel good and move well in the skin they’re in. This may not always mean lots of pounds lost on the scale but instead may mean inches lost, better sleep, feeling sexier, being happier, balanced hormones, and better relationships.

BMF began as a mobile fitness company in 2011 but has now morphed into a company that has a physical studio that offers classes in everything from weightlifting to spin classes. They also provide nutrition + fitness coaching, personal training, and run different challenges throughout the year.

They are currently very focused on their local customers in the Northwest Houston area but would like to reach a wider audience of women across the United States.

They moved into a new and expanded facility and the website connects them to their community of members.

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