You’ve had some great success in your career but now you are ready to do something different. You’re passionate about using your gifts to create the life you’ve imagined, fulfilling your purpose. You’ve you been in the trenches working hard on your craft for more than a few years and now you’re ready to put all your know-how front and center. You’re trying to figure out a way to take all the passion and heart you have and translate it into an awesome website.

Well you’ve come to the right place!

My name is Franka, and I’m thrilled and excited that you visited today because I help amazing, accomplished, visionary, and driven men and women like YOU, harness all your knowledge and experience into a website you can be proud of!

Who ‘s my ideal client?

Well, its someone like you of course!

You’re smart, successful, experienced and visionary. You’ve been in business for a couple of years now and you’re ready to shake things up in your chosen industry. You now know that it takes a great website to get you to where you want to go, that gets you from blending in, to standing out. You know the right website will help you earn more income, build your following, and make a difference while following your passion. So you’re finally ready to invest in building that website, but you need a partner who’s invested in the growth of your business and wants to see you succeed.

That’s me!

I’m gonna walk with you every step of the way until you have a website that you L-O-V-E!

You could go to several different companies to get your website developed or you could work with me and I can help you put all of the pieces in place to help you build your website.

Website Packages
The Beginning
Payment plan available
This package is great for you if you are just getting started. You're going to make a statement and it will give you room to grow. It will be custom branded to suit your personality but is an affordable solution for new coaches, speakers, consultants or service providers.
  • Building out 5-7 pages
  • 1 basic contact form
  • Email marketing integration for opt-in
  • Search engine optimized + SEO plug-ins installed
  • Copy Editing
  • 1 deep dive exploratory coaching session
  • Testing for cross platform compatibility
Let's Get Started
The Professional
Payment plan available
You've been in business for 3-5 years and you've grown. You're ready for a redesign which showcases the growth of your brand. This package is perfect for you if you're a speaker, coach, consultant who wants a few more custom features and need some support to execute.
  • Building out 7-10 pages
  • 1 basic contact form + 1 other form
  • Email marketing integration for opt-in
  • Image Customization
  • Budget for 6 stock photos
  • Copy Editing
  • Search engine optimized + SEO plug-ins installed
  • 2 Coaching Sessions
  • Testing for cross platform compatibility
  • Help developing a launch plan
Let's Get Started
Payment plan available
You've developed a few websites and have been in the game for a while and you're ready to create something more customized to where you are. This is an investment in playing bigger and making a statement.
  • Building out 10-20 pages
  • 1 basic contact form + 2 other forms
  • Email marketing integration for opt-in
  • Image Customization
  • Budget for 12 Stock Photos
  • Copywriting + Copy Editing
  • Search engine optimized + SEO plug-ins installed
  • 2 Social Media Badges
  • 3 Coaching Sessions
  • Testing for cross platform compatibility
  • Help developing a launch plan
Let's Get Started

All packages include consultation on plug-in recommendations and how to keep the site well maintained. Additionally we will provide support free of charge for 30-days post launch.

We use various CMS platforms for the development of your project. Although we develop a lot of WordPress websites, we can also create Shopify, Magento or custom website projects. Please request a quote if you have specific requirements.

A La Carte Items
  • Landing Page Design – Request Quote
  • Email Marketing Campaign – Request Quote
  • Graphic Design Services – $50/hour
  • Custom Social Media Graphics – $150/each
  • Lead Magnet Custom Design – Request Quote


I'm new to this process how will I know what I need?

At the beginning of the project I will provide you with a checklist, it will tell you all of the items that are needed for your project. If you have questions about the items on the list you can always set up a coaching call to discuss the items in more detail. Websites have become a lot more complicated than they used to be and it is expected that there are now more features integrated into your website to match prospective customers expectations.

How long will it take to complete my website package?

Each website is unique but it truly does depend on the scope of the project. Once we discuss what will be included you will get a target date for completion. If you have all of the your content ready at the start of the project, it will make your project go much faster. If we have to develop content and write copy then that will add time to your project. For the starter package please allot at least 3-4 weeks. For the Professional package allot at least 4-6 weeks. For the VIP please allot at least 8 weeks for your package to be completed.

What do the coaching sessions entail?

Many clients have come to me over the years asking for a website but not understanding how a website can be utilized to support the growth of their business or even knowing what systems they can put in place to support their business. During our coaching sessions I will help you gain clarity about your business and how we can set up your website to support the work you will be doing. By asking powerful questions, you will be able to get to the heart of what most matters to you so we will build you just the right website.

Will you help me rank on Google?

Although we do basic SEO for natural search, we do not do ongoing optimization for the websites we build. We install SEO plugins, Google analytics, and Facebook Pixel to better equip you on collecting data on your website traffic. This information will assist you in understanding your audience.

Will you train me on how to maintain my website?

Yes, a free 60-minute recorded training session is included with every package. If you are subscribed to my list as a FBM Insider, you will also gain access to the Training Vault where I post videos and tips to help you continue to maintain your online presence. If your package includes coaching, your recorded sessions will be available to you whenever you need a refresher. Documentation for your theme and any notes from coaching sessions will also be provided to you. We want you to feel very comfortable maintaining your new online home.

How can I get the materials for my website to you?

When we agree on the project details and we’re ready to get started, I will send you an invitation to a private online space where all of your project files can be uploaded. This will be how we collaborate during the project to minimize emailing large files. In addition, you will have access to the shared Dropbox space with your content for at least 30 days post launch.