Creating an awesome visual identity is critical to developing an impactful brand.

A brand is not just a logo, a marketing campaign, or any other piece of collateral. A brand includes all the components that represent the overall personality and appeal of your business.

Yes, logos, marketing campaigns, brochures, etc. do contribute to the construction of a brand; however, reputation, culture, and values are equally important. We can help you build your visual identity and lay the foundation for a unique and relevant presence in the market.

A brand has many purposes. Collectively they work to influence your prospects emotionally and psychologically. Unfortunately many new ventures do not fully understand the influence good branding has over their business which makes it harder for them to survive past the first few years of existence.

Powerful branding can:

  • Convey your message clearly
  • Induce brand loyalty
  • Nurture trust
  • Encourage the purchase of your product

At FBM we marry together the critical components to a successful brand and help you stand out, instead of blending in. Take a look at our packages below or contact us to customize a solution for your business.

Sample Logo Design


Several packages available to assist you:
The Statement
The Basics
This package is ideal to help you create a high-end logo and instructions on how to use it to develop your brand.
  • Logo in various formats for printing + digital use includes identifier and favicon
  • Business Card
  • One-Page Logo Use Guide
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Shine + Gloss
Your Visual Brand Solution
Shine + Gloss is the branding package that is perfect for you if you want a great visual brand where you can feel confident promoting your business.
  • Logo in various formats for printing + digital use includes identifier and favicon
  • Selection of Branding Colors + Fonts
  • Business Cards + Stationery Package*
  • 2-Page Branding Use Guide
  • 2 Coaching Sessions
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Hit the Ground Running
Total Brand Solution
Everything you need for your visual brand. From a logo to your colors, fonts, compelling sales page, and the coaching you need to get you ready to build a great business.
  • Logo in various formats for printing + digital use includes identifier and favicon
  • Branding Colors + Fonts
  • Branding Elements (bullet, divider, photo treatment)
  • Business Cards, Stationery Package* + Thank You Cards
  • 3-Page Branding Use Guide
  • Sales Page
  • 3 Coaching Sessions
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Marketing Collateral A La Carte Items

Marketing collateral is a term that is used to collectively include any marketing aid that is used to promote your business. They could include information brochures, customized company stationary, posters and visuals for an event or location, personalized gifts with your company logo or message, email blasts, and so on. We will need to get more details on your project to provide a quote on any of the listed items if we have not been the designers of your visual identity. Contact us to start the conversation. 

Stationary package: You logo is only the beginning; after you have finalized your logo or brand you will need customized stationery to help you communicate your message and solidify it in the minds of your customers. *Our stationery package includes your designed business card, letterhead and standard business envelope.


Personalized postcards: FBM can help create a customized postcard to promote your product or service. A great way to keep in touch with your clients to let them know about company specials or an upcoming event. We can help you personalize and customize it for each of your clients.


One Page Sales Sheet: This provides an overview of your business and what you can offer to help your clients. It will be provided in pdf format also for ease in emailing.



Purpose of the brochureCompany information, Advertising, educational (seen at doctor’s office), public service messages.

Target AudienceWhat is the age, gender disposition, financial and educational background or any other characteristics of your potential clients?
MessageIs this brochure going to be used as a tool for hard sell or command using urgency appeal or soft sell or conditioning, for later?
Size, shape and formatting of the brochureAre you looking for a conventional format or something unique.
Distribution ChannelDistributed at an event, placed in your office, mailed to potential clients


How long does it take to complete my logo package?

Each project is unique but typically we can complete a logo project in 2-3 weeks. We are custom designers. We don’t just create a standard logo but I take into consideration where you will be using the logo and create several versions for both printing and online. In addition, I like to provide guidance on how to use your logo as you continue to build your business. This is what sets FBM apart from some of the quick online logo services you see.

Can I pay to rush my design job?

Yes, there is a $50 charge to rush any design job.

How long does it take to complete my brand package?

Each branding project is unique, but typically I can complete a branding project in 3-4 weeks, depending on how quick feedback is provided. If feedback is not given in a timely manner it will impact the project timeline. My branding package includes the most important visual elements for a brand in today’s very digital landscape. In addition, I provide guidance on how to use you visual brand as you continue to build your business.

How many rounds of edits are included in my package?

Each package includes up to five rounds of edits. Edits include changes to the proofs which are sent for review.

Any suggestions on providing feedback on my branding project?

It’s important to be as specific as possible when providing feedback and when possible, provide recommendations. Instead of saying, “I don’t like the logo color”. A more constructive feedback would be “I don’t like the color used for the logo. Could we please use a lighter version of the color that was used.” This type of constructive feedback will greatly improve the communication as the project progresses.

Any suggestions on printers I can use for my visual identity?

Yes of course! I really love Moo printing for my online needs. They have wonderful paper options such as recycled paper or luxe paper varieties. Using the Refer a Friend Program Click Here to get a $15 discount on your first print job with them.

If you are in Houston and you want a local printer, I like to support other entrepreneurs and prefer to use When you are ready to print your job just upload your print job details here.