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When the founder of Smahrt Girl Foundation, Pamela Ellis, contacted me about a new online presence for her organization, time was of the essence. She was unhappy with how it looked, it was difficult to maintain, and there were items missing. In fact, she indicated that she was less than thrilled to direct people to her site because she was a little unhappy about how it looked. I got to work immediately to create a website which was more representative of the great work the organization had done in the community and to give it an energy reflective of Pamela herself. After an initial consultation and getting an idea of her vision, I was able to create a plan for the new design. Our plan: We took all the copy from the previous website but enhanced the quality of the images, chose a font which improved the readability and added a richer color. The result is a beautiful new online presence which made Pamela exclaim, "I'm so proud to tell people about my website now." Services Provided: Web Design and Copy Editing Below is a picture of the site before we redesigned it.