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You Are A Disruptor!

You're Bold, Daring and Innovative!

I know you want to create a bigger impact, influence and let's be honest, you need more customers, after all, that's why we are in business.

Maybe you've noticed how saturated the field is now as there are over 28 million small businesses in the US alone. You feel lost and adrift. You are paralyzed by fear and moving forward because you don't want to fail. It's really public when you fail these days.

My goal is to act as your guide on this journey and to share all I know about launching disruptive brands. It's not enough to have a "nice" brand, you gotta be innovative and "edgy", stand out instead of blending in.

As soon as you introduce yourself you'll get a great introduction to me and very soon you'll get an invite to some of the ways I can become more disruptive!

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