Here are just a few of my fabulous clients!

Working with Franka was such a blessing! When I initially launched my website a few years back, the important thing was to get it up and running and it served its purpose at the time.

I hired Franka to help take my space into the next phase of my business. I wanted a site that was ready to receive and that would efficiently allow for direct purchasing of my programs and services. What Franka gave me was so much more!

Franka over delivered on her promise with a clean and fresh site that reflected my business in an authentic way! She took the time to understand my vision and gave my site a much-needed 360-degree facelift that reflects where I want to take my brand and message. Her amazing attention to detail, patience and willing spirit made her the ideal digital strategist to work with. I definitely plan on hiring her again for my future digital content needs!!

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Rashida Geddes
Millennial Coach
Franka was absolutely fabulous to work with. She assisted with the relaunch of my website with new branding, new colors, and a new logo design! She not only designed a website but she helped me to get clear on my vision and build a business. She was a joy to work with and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend her services.
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Erika T. Kendrick
Licensed Professional Counselor & Coach
If you’re looking to build your website, your brand, your self-confidence, your business, or you just need a good old dose of some “you can do this!” kind of business coaching, then you need to work with Franka! Franka Baly is so much more than a business coach, however, as her perfect blend of understanding and motivation combined with her exceptional expertise in branding and website development make her a life-changing, dream-making powerhouse. Franka works so hard for her clients, treating each project she takes on with diligence, respect and excitement.

Franka not only created my website, she also taught me how to articulate, craft, manage, and start my brand. When we started working together, I was just a woman with passion, expertise, and a dream of building a business that will help me serve the world. Franka ran with my passion while she taught me the details about how to start evolving that into an online presence with clear and consistent messages. Her guidance on everything from photo shoots and imagery, to messages, social media, and email campaigning, came with a lot of encouragement to put myself out there and try new things. I have slowly progressed from just being a woman with a dream to a professional with a business. I look forward to continuing to grow my business in the coming years and would never think of doing so without Franka – she is a game changer!

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Dr. Dominique Ruggieri
BonVie Health
My journey with Franka started in November 2014, when we both took the leap at the Coach Training Intensive led by Valorie Burton. I saw her spirit then, but hiring Franka as my coach, business Strategist, and web designer showed me just how talented she is. From the first coaching session to the last, Franka’s goal and gift was truly understanding me as a person, diving into my passion, and clarifying my goals. In doing so, she helped me gain clarity, confidence, and created a website that captured the essence of me and my mission. She is much more than a web designer…She is a vision warrior, and helps you through every step of the process while empowering you to continue the journey beyond the coaching experience! I am grateful to add her into my circle of colleagues and friends! Thank you Franka for taking this incredible journey with me!
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Alicia Booker
Getting Off the Porch
I thought I hired a website developer but instead I got SO much more. While she didn’t designed my site, she helped to get me get incredibly clear with each coaching session on branding and messaging. I’m happy to have worked with Ms. Franka Baly She is the BEST! If you are revamping, starting your business or curious check her out. She’s REALLY good at what she does. Thanks Franka for all your help and support.
testimonial author
Nakia Henderson
Henderson Calms - Live a Life of Calm
Franka has that rare quality of being able to both listen intently to what your needs are and to guide you through complicated technical jargon so you arrive at the same place in creating and developing your online strategy, brand, platform, website – ultimately your presence. She was a joy to work with in creating and building my business website. Franka inspired me, supported me and kept my ideas real and manageable. With her entrepreneurial spirit and many years of experience in web development combined with her extremely high level of energy I guarantee clients will be very impressed and pleased with the results and grateful for the positive experience of working with Franka.
testimonial author
Blair Turner
The Blatie Group