When people interact with your brand you must communicate integrityquality, trustworthiness, and competence in that very first interaction.

In just a few seconds.

Why? Because humans are emotional and we make judgments based on what we see, hear, touch, etc. The judgment is immediate and visceral. Most times we can’t even explain it. 

But research has taught us there are components, when blended together, which can create a favorable impression.

That’s what I do amazingly well.

I’ll help you blend together these components to create an impactful and memorable brand, so you become a disruptor in your niche or chose area of specialty.

Meet Franka

Franka Baly. Too different to be defined!  A Reinventor of ideas.  Serial entrepreneur who is unafraid to pursue her dreams.  Her Intellectual horsepower is demonstrated through her mastery of multiple disciplines: identity and brand creation, information technology, technology designer, user interface, web design along with a Masters in Counseling. Franka comes with a strong corporate foundation, from HP to the Oil and Gas industry. She cut her teeth owning and operating ReEmergence, a beauty salon and now Franka Baly Media. Through her businesses she practices a freedom and liberty many desire. A freedom to develop and explore all of the avenues her mind can take: left brain and right brain. Franka’s gift is understanding complex systems and then making the complicated, uncomplicated for her clients. Simplifying technology and making it usable. As a student of technology, Franka monitors the ever-changing technology spaces and social media and converts that knowledge to keep her clients and followers informed and grounded. But add to that her passion for social justice and helping her clients execute on their ideas and you have a powerhouse in your corner. One who will help you bring your dreams to life.

In 2017 she created The Reclamation Event. The project is focused on having a conversation with female entrepreneurs about some of the limiting beliefs which stop women from building a successful business or brand. Learn more about the project at